• The Falcon, Junkyard Garbage (Starship)

Starfighter: Heavily-Modified Light Freighter.

Power: 3. Maneuver: 4. Hyperspeed: 6.

May not be placed in Reserve Deck. If Falcon about to leave table, place it out of play. May add 2 pilots and 2 passengers. Has ship-docking capability. While [Episode VII] Han or Rey piloting, maneuver +2 and immune to attrition < 4 (< 6 if both). Once during your move phase, if at a site, may flip this card (even if unpiloted).

The Millennium Falcon's well-known reputation is favorable not only for its captain and first mate, but for the Alliance as well.

Virtual Card Set 4, R1

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The Falcon, Junkyard Garbage (Starship)

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