He Is The Chosen One/He Will Bring Balance


Deploy Jedi Council Chamber (with Prophecy Of the Force there), Ewok Village, and I Feel The Conflict.
For remainder of game, you may not deploy [Episode I] Jedi (except Yoda) or [Episode I] padawans. Luke may not be captured by Bring Him Before Me unless there are 2 or more cards stacked on Insignigicant Rebellion during any move phase.
While this side up, you may initiate battles for free.
Flip this card if Luke (or a Jedi) at a battleground site and opponent has no characters or ability > 4 at battleground sites.
While this side up, once during your control phase, may peek at up to X cards from the top of your Reserve Deck, where X = number of battlegrounds you occupy; take one into hand and shuffle your Reserve Deck. During your draw phase, may retrieve any one card; opponent may stack a card from hand on I Feel The Conflict to place that card out of play instead.
Flip this card (unless Vader crossed over) if opponent's character of ability > 4 at a battleground site or you do not have Luke (or a Jedi) at a battleground site.

Virtual Card Set 8, R

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