I Want That Map/And Now You'll Give It To Me


Deploy Tuanul Village, any other [Episode VII] location, and I Will Finish What You Started. Opponent may reveal a unique (*) Resistance character from Reserve Deck; that card is a Resistance Agent. Otherwise, Luke is a Resistance Agent and loses immunity to attrition.
For remainder of game, non-[Episode VII] Dark Jedi are lost and Resistance Agents are immune to Set For Stun.
Flip this card if your First Order characters control two battlegrounds and a Resistance Agent is not present at a battleground site.
While this side up, where you have a First Order leader, opponent must first use or lose 1 Force to draw a card for battle destiny. Unless BB-8 on table, opponent's Force retrieval is canceled. If Kylo on table: During your turn, may stack an Interrupt from your Lost Pile face up on I Will Finish What You Started; and once per turn, may play an Interrupt stacked there as if from hand (then place that card out of play).
Flip this card if you do not occupy two battlegrounds or if a Resistance Agent is present at a battleground site.

Virtual Card Set 8, R

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