Ralltiir Operations/In The Hands Of The Empire (V)


Deploy Ralltiir system.
For remainder of game, spaceport sites are immune to He Hasn't Come Back Yet and Ounee Ta. Your Force generation is +1 at each Ralltiir location. Once per battle, when you draw battle destiny, may exchange a card in hand with a card of same type in Lost Pile.
While this side up, once per turn, may [Download] a site (or non-unique Imperial) to Ralltiir.
Flip this card if Imperials control at least three Ralltiir sites and opponent controls no Ralltiir locations.
Immediately, may [Upload] any one card.
While this side up, opponent's Force drains are -1 at non-Ralltiir locations. Your total battle destiny is +X, where X = number of Ralltiir locations your Imperials occupy. Always Thinking With Your Stomach is canceled.
Flip this card and place a card from hand on Used Pile (if possible) if opponent controls at least two Ralltiir locations.

Virtual Card Set 10, R

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